Ugly Sticks Are I

& Other Down Home Stuff

Welcome aboard! I am a senior citizen and this is a few pages I put together to offer my Newfoundland Ugly Sticks, and a few other items to the world (well maybe not the whole world  but North America anyways). 

I occasionally receive orders for the Newfoundland Ugly Stick and the other few craft items, but income from them alone is only a little more than the cost of running & maintaining the site. Nevertheless this site and a bit of crafting is what gives some meaning to my life and helps fulfill some  of my need to be creative.

I have become affiliated with some other businesses to try and generate a bit of extra income to help defray the spiraling cost of living. Some say that we have become a have province with the influx of wealth raining down from the oil patch, but they must have put an umbrella over most senior citizens because that rain is not even touching most of us. Anyway thanks for your time, and if you would - please click a few banners and links and see if there's anything that interests you.  A link to some discounted daily deals, footwear, travel packages, food, and more.

link to photo galleries of some rural Newfoundland communities where you can get pictures of down home for your personal blog, website, screen savers, - Free!   -  Wishing you & yours a good one!

If you encounter any problems or wish to contact us please email

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